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Helping to create a personalized plan so that your pet can transition in the comfort of their own home, in the gentlest and most caring way possible.


My name is Dr. Megan Dunbar, but most people know me as Dr. Megan or simply Megan. I have lived in the Sacramento Valley for 30 years and the Yuba County area for 3 years. During my time as a veterinarian, I have found that people wish they could end their beloved pet’s life in the comfort of their home. I have devoted my life to the care and comfort of animals and thought that if it was one of my pets, I would want them to transition in the comfort of their home. I provide pet owners the choice to say goodbye in the gentlest and most caring way possible.

This is already one of the hardest decisions a pet owner has to make. I will help with the difficult decision by providing a stress free alternative to taking your pet into a clinic. My service will provide a personalized plan for care and handling of your pet before and after the transition. 


In addition to traditional domestic pets like dogs and cats, I have a wide scope of experience and understand that some animals including livestock are pets to many. These services include but are not limited to goats, sheep, chickens, exotic birds, pigs, and cows. In certain instances, such as livestock, handling of your pet afterwards will require coordination with a hauling service that I can organize at the owner’s request.


Pre-euthanasia Consultation: The home visit includes a Quality of Life discussion and consultation, as well as a euthanasia discussion with any questions answered about the process and handling of your pet afterwards.

Pre-euthanasia sedation: This is to provide your beloved pet a comfortable and relaxed transition. The sedation will make your pet sleepy, relaxed and takes about 30 minutes. This allows you to spend peaceful time with your pet and allow you to say good bye.

Euthanasia: After heavy sedation, I use state of the art medication that is painless and gentle when you and your pet are ready. 

I have partnered with local crematoriums to provide professional services for you and your pet. There are different options for your pet including private cremation where ashes are retuned to you, or group cremation with spreading of ashes on private land. Ashes can be picked up from the office or I can return the ashes to you for an additional fee. I'm happy to explain this more during your in-home consultation. 



The at home consultation has a fee of $150 whether or not the euthanasia is performed, but is included if the euthanasia is performed.

The euthanasia is about $300 for most pets. This does not include the cremation as this fee is dependent on the size of your animal. Additional fees do apply for larger animals, longer travel and after hour/holiday visits.

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Equine Euthanasia: I have an extensive background with horses, big and small. The fee includes the ranch call, sedation and euthanasia. These euthanasias can take more planning when it comes to handling your horse afterwards. I understand that emergencies do happen and will do my best to coordinate the care of your horse after the transition. I can organize the transport of your horse after the transition, if requested. The hauling service and remains service have additional, independent fees. 


When the time came for us to say goodbye to my husband’s constant companion, our Fox Terrier Tug, Megan gave us the time. Euthanasia is the hardest decision we ever make for our pets and we are forever grateful for Dr. Dunbar’s compassion, her patience, her concern for Tug and for the kindness she showed my husband and myself.
— Stacy
Megan has been and is a very personable, caring and attentive vet to both myself and my animals needs. No matter the time of day or day of the week, she is always accessible and responsive. I have never felt more comfortable and confident in trusting my animals to anyone other than Megan.
— Julie

I would highly recommend any services provided by Dr. Megan. I have had to suffer through the loss of two of my cherished pets due to illness. Dr. Megan was our physician through both of their treatments and their final steps towards euthanasia. Dr. Megan’s kind, patient, and compassionate demeanor made this difficult decision bearable.
— Tawnya
Megan has been my vet for the last few years and it’s the first time a vet has understood that my goats are like family to me and not just an animal. She is very kind and respectful which matters the most to me. I would recommend her services above all others.
— Ida

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I service the greater Yuba, Sutter and Placer counties. Based out of Plumas Lake and servicing surrounding areas, I also service areas outside of this area, with a travel time charge and fees for extended travel.


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